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Accurate Network are always in pursuit of novel concepts from the global markets. They had remained always first in introducing innovative and creative concepts e.g. in the beginning of 2008 they had launched in India first and foremost ‘AccuRide’ Ad-bikes.

The agencies in field of advertising are creed to utilize for their ad-campaigns such anew mediums to tackle their client’s target marketing. To satiate their whips, again Accurate Network are the eye-opener to introduce one more remarkable concept ‘Look Walker’ (Human Banner).

LookWalker LookWalker LookWalker
“Look Walker” (Walking Billboard) is an unique, creative and innovative concept invented once somewhere in eastern EU, developed with extra features in UK and spread extensively all over European continent. Look Walker is a mobile advertising format, consists of backlit LED illumination, front and rear billboards perfectly positioned to view at any angle and at sight reaching distance. Look Walker is crafted in a compact backdrop structure easy to carry on human shoulders and light in weight to handle. Look Walkers are versatile and effective for brand impact when they are deployed in group at any location. Above all Look Walker is eco-friendly, and an initiative to contribute towards climate change.
Ideal for locations at:
  • Malls – Multiplexes
  • Airports
  • IT Parks
  • Business Parks
  • High-profile street retail environments
  • Busy pedestrian areas
  • Sporting events and concerts
  • Conferences or trade shows
  • Light weight and easy to carry on human shoulders.
  • LED illuminated back-lit billboards, cause no climate heating.
  • Eco-friendly and pollution-free.
  • Two side view area for advertising two posters.
  • Huge impact and brand exposure.
  • Closer to the point of sale and to the target audience.
  • Superb for distribution or sampling.
  • Can operate day and night.
  • Local, regional and national campaigns
  • Low cost-per-thousand impressions.
  • Enthusiastic and professional trained staff (Walkers).
  • A professional and reliable mobile advertising service.
  • Ability to pinpoint your target markets.
Perfect for:
  • Standing out tall in the crowd.
  • Everyday advertising campaign.
  • Reaching specific audience; such as holiday-makers.
  • New stores and product launches.
  • Recruitment drives.
  • Film premiers and PR opportunities.
  • Sporting events, concerts and political campaigns.
  • Conferences or trade shows.
  • In-store displays.
  • Field Marketing.
  • Shows and market auctions.
AdBikes AdBikes AdBikes
“AccuRide AdBikes” were launched first and foremost in India and pioneered by REKLAMOSMASINOS – Vilnius, Lithuania, branded as AdBikes… unique mobile illuminated poster bike concept… to satisfy the nation-wide demand in a new form of innovative ambient advertising for outdoors.

There always remains in the field of advertising a greed to initiate innovative concept and inventive presentation, especially in outdoor advertising, and to satiate such desire the European concept of AdBikes were introduced, renaming AccuRide.

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